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Island: Mahe

Surf N Turf - Anse Major Trail

Trek up to a 360 degree panoramic view of Seychelles most breathtaking sceneries. Granite boulders, thick tree canopies and refined white sand seem to have been carefully sculptured to create this perfect picturesque finish. The symbioses of all Nature’s assets make Anse Major a priceless...

Island: Mahe

Surf N Turf - Baie Ternay

Two ways leading to one façade… Nature makes Anse Major & Baie Ternay simply impossible to hide. Both land and sea will take you to this majestic revelation where purified air will swarm around you. On this escapade, Creole Travel Services invites you to glide the seas of the...

Island: Mahe

The Wild South

Enjoy a tour of the colorful and vibrant marketplace in Victoria, where the air is filled with a lovely hint of fresh fish and local spices, marking the first stop in your journey to the south of Mahe. A short walk will then bring you to a replica of ?Little Ben?, a national monument set up in 1903...

Island: Island Combo

Two Islands Melody

An excellent choice for those wishing to get a little closer with Mother Nature, this excursion will take you to the breathtaking Vallee de Mai on Praslin. The reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the famous Coco-de-mer and many endemic fauna species including the Seychelles Black...

Island: Praslin

Vallee / Anse Lazio

The adventure kicks-off with a professional guide giving you a tour of the renowned Vallee de Mai on Praslin, home to the Coco-de-mer which is famous for its distinctively large double nut and form of the female pelvis. The reserve is also the delicate habitat of various endemic fauna species...


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