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Semi-Exclusive Adventures

Creole Travel Services has recently introduced it's 'semi-private' adventure concept which is proving to be the experience of a lifetime for our clients as it comprises all the perks of a personalised excursion now made accessible and affordable.

Already at the forefront of excursions, Creole's new concept is yet another unique service which goes beyond our everyday offering here in Seychelles.

The guilty pleasure of a slowly paced sea escapade; disembarking on a secluded beach and grilling a fresh fish on the spot is an authentic insight into the island lifestyle. The leisure of choice to explore represents a one of a kind occasion to not only snorkel within Seychelles' stunning marine parks, but also discover the exceptional endemic land fauna and flora alongside our dedicated guide.

Semi private 1
Fish grilled on the spot for lunch
Semi private 2-2
A view of the nearby islands
Semi private 3-2
Beach cocktail
Semi private 4-2
A guide through nature


Island: Island Combo

Robinson Crusoe

This is a great adventure for those young hearts with the first stop being at St. Pierre island, a favourite with swimmers and snorkelers. You will then visit Curieuse island reserve, where you can admire the giant land tortoises and enjoy a one hour tour of the island, walking through the...


Island: Mahe

Royal Cruise - Anse Royal

Embark on Creole’s very own ODEZIR…and set sail to discover the open seas of the Seychelles. Our modern catamaran will ensure the comfort of our guests combining the exhilaration of fresh air, sound of the waves and stunning panoramic views. Whether you are looking for a family outing...


Island: Mahe

Surf N Turf - Anse Major Trail

Trek up to a 360 degree panoramic view of Seychelles most breathtaking sceneries. Granite boulders, thick tree canopies and refined white sand seem to have been carefully sculptured to create this perfect picturesque finish. The symbioses of all Nature’s assets make Anse Major a priceless...


Island: Praslin

Vallee / Anse Lazio

The adventure kicks-off with a professional guide giving you a tour of the renowned Vallee de Mai on Praslin, home to the Coco-de-mer which is famous for its distinctively large double nut and form of the female pelvis. The reserve is also the delicate habitat of various endemic fauna species...

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