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Introducing House of Shawarma

A little taste of the Lebanese lifestyle has made its way to the Seychelles with the opening of House of Shawarma last week...


It might look like a classic fast-food trailer that some of us scramble to during our lunch hours but that would be missing the whole point... House of Shawarma intends to take it to the next level as it offers mouth-watering ingredients like its authentic pita bread, crispy fresh condiments and its range of tasty meat fillings which are pre-conditioned and spiced to give clients a genuine bite of the ever so popular mediterranean snack.

"Alongside the owner of Tequila Boom and La Faya The Bar, we've talked about bringing a taste of the lebanese lifestyle to Seychelles since my arrival in 2014 when I took up my position as Manager of Tequila Boom", affirms Dany Fara.

Open 6 days/week from 12pm to 9pm, House of Shawarma intends to ensure delivery services of its confections and also offers classic hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chicken burgers which can be accompanied by french-fries and your favourate soft drink...

"Considering the eventuality of a successful commercial exploitation, continues Dany, I don't see why we could not look into expanding the House of Shawarma concept into Victoria, the archipelago's capital... The whole operation is mobile afterall!" concludes the night-club manager and partner of this new venture.