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Explore inland!


Nature above all; most islands are nature reserves even on the three most inhabited where large areas are protected. You'll understand why

A lucky few may experience the thrill of living on their own private island but for everyone else the islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue offer the chance to escape the real world and get back to nature.


While exploring our islands, there are many wonders to discover, ranging from the crystal–clear waters of our coastline and marine parks to the luscious green flora that carpets the tropical forests...

If you wish to explore inland, our nature trails are open books of nature that equally illustrate the beauty of our natural environment. They are home to a diversity of fauna and flora which to this day retains biological and ecological richness.


Another important aspect is to customise your exploration/s by simply indentifying your fitness level and your specific interests... That said, choosing a nature trail that combines multiple factors such as panoramic views, water cascades, high altitudes, endemic fauna & flora exhuberance, jungle undergrowth and backdrops of granite cliffs is of course our recommendation.